Duk Duk from the West by bobfoto

Duk Duk from the West

Then things just got weird... singing and cheering and dancing in the carpark got my attention. Wandering over to have a look, I found 30 to 40 young attractive ladies all dressed in long leaves with no face paint but a simple leaf tied around their heads all singing all dancing and slowly shuffling their way down the carpark slope. Their 5 minute performance in the grassed arena meant that they would warm up in their shuffle across the carpark and to the arena entrance in around 45 minutes. But the girls were loving it, it was loud, it was vocal, it was colourful, it was noisy! The gaggle of girls all jumping and bumping and laughing and shouting made for an amazing spectacle.

(meanwhile, over in the arena, the Highland warriors were back at peace and giving their best war cries)

(meanwhile, waiting to come on board the arena were 30-40 young men from New Ireland all warming up with a fresh song and dance and beautiful falsetto voices)

(meanwhile, back in the far corner, a group from Bougainville were slapping their bamboo pipes and getting into full voice)

(meanwhile on another part of the oval a group of local lads were practising their latest traditional moves and songs)

(meanwhile, the crowd in their hundreds just milled around and watched all of the action. Even the crowd were noisy and colourful)

(meanwhile, the buai kept getting chewed and bit gobs of red spit were being broadcast left right and centre)

But back to the ladies... as they slowly vacated the entrance to the carpark, I thought how odd, a group from Pomio made up of only female performers??? Refreshing and fun to watch, it was unusual. But I was mistaken, because after the ladies' wonderfully energetic and colourful entrance, the men from Pomio entered and after waiting many years to see a Duk Duk perform, I was entertained by two headless Duk Duks and half a dozen of these amazingly tall and garish Tumburans from the West.

Was it a special day? Just a little...

Photo taken last week ago over in Kokopo.
What an experience - I do wonder if any tv or video camera people were taking these performances! It sounds so different, so organised in a natural way and vital!
September 23rd, 2014  
I would have been so confused about what to watch! It sounds like sensory overload! Great catch of this elaborate costume.
September 23rd, 2014  
Very colourful
September 23rd, 2014  
Just love following you project.amazing.fav
September 24th, 2014  
Another impressive shots. I do hope you are still working on the idea of publishing a book.
September 24th, 2014  
@maggiemae - there always seems to be a video camera at these events but you never see the end result....

@grammyn - it was best to take in 5-10 mins here, move along, 5-10 mins there, move along....

@chris17 - oh yes indeed.

@mzzhope - thanks Hope, only 2, maybe 3 photos left.

@rach_who - often think about it...
September 24th, 2014  
oooh love this one
September 24th, 2014  
Very colourful capture:-)
September 24th, 2014  
What was the occasion in Kokopo?
September 25th, 2014  
@nataliemac - Independence Day.

@carolmw - Indeed he was.

@houdiniem - the headless one is cool!
September 28th, 2014  
What an amazing day!
November 15th, 2014  
@kjarn - amazeballs.
November 15th, 2014  
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