RT001 by bobtimmons


First photo for Project365. Thought it'd make sense to use myself as the subject for day 1. This is an attempt at a form of creative lighting. I tried using my SB800, but couldn't get the light right. I ended up using a lamp with a daylight bulb. The effect is (supposed to be) a classic moody style. There's some post-processing involved, specifically I desaturated and cropped. The hardware & settings are:

Nikon D700 w/50mm f/1.4D lens

Shutter 1/30 sec
Aperture f/9
ISO 200
Really great contrast and focus.
And you're eye looks intense.
January 2nd, 2011  
Awesome focus and composition. well done!
January 2nd, 2011  
Wow, quite intense! and very different from your profile shot :)
Welcome to 365! and thanks for the helpful comment on my recent eye photo... it is much appreciated! I've loved photography my whole life, but only had the DSLR for about a year - I've learned SO much, but the more I learn, the more I realize I still don't know! LOL - like most things in life, I guess... If you think you know it all, you're probably sadly mistaken ;)
January 2nd, 2011  
@Scott Wong, @McKenzie Elizabeth - thanks for the kind words :)

@Dawnetta - thank you too - and both my wife & daughter are making fun of me because "I'm never serious" and apparently this is my "Unabomber" look. I was just going for something neutral and, after about 50 shots, I found one I liked. And in terms of knowing it all, I know a lot about the technical side of photography, but regularly get schooled by the wife & kid on the creative side LOL.
January 2nd, 2011  
Hey there Robert, Welcome to 365, Thanks for the follow,,
Your first shot is awesome.. very intense , looking forward to seeing your Paris shots, I was there about 10 years ago and boy I wish I could be going back with a better camera... every step is a photo op!!
January 2nd, 2011  
I love great pictures of 'eyes' this picture captures one of those expressions I love! GREAT PICTURE!
January 2nd, 2011  
This is more than just epic!
January 2nd, 2011  
This is are really eye-catching picture. Great start!
welcome to the project and look forward to the journeys.
January 2nd, 2011  
Fantastic lighting!!! Wecome to 365 :)
January 2nd, 2011  
Thanks all :)
January 2nd, 2011  
Totally just realized I said "you're" instead of "your". How embarrassing. [%Pr
January 3rd, 2011  
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