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Recording life in sight and sound since I was a wee laddy. My goal with 365project is to capture current images and create something new for each post. All of my work here is recent and I intend to follow that guideline, though it's a daunting task. I use Nikon lenses and cameras - a D40, a D5000, and a Coolpix S9700 when I need mobility.

I intend to challenge myself to take new photos and learn advanced photographic and editing skills. Many thanks to my friend Lisa for encouraging me to tackle this thing.

I have lived in Tampa, Florida since 1985. I've spent the past 35 years investigating fires and accidents as a forensic engineer, and a lifetime as an amateur photographer.

I'm also the author of the international thriller novel "Burning of the Devil", and the drummer for a local flamenco\latin fusion band.