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I love seeing 365 photos flowing in from all over the world.|
Feedback including negative critique (aka "constructive ideas for improvement" :-> ) is welcome.

Photography news from 2014:

–Learned how to do animated GIFs.
–Started Smugmug.

Photography news from 2013:

–Inspired by Mike Elliott, really pushed to get good photographs of New York City.
–My first "L" series lens (Canon), bought on eBay.
–Went to a workshop on flash photography. Wouldn't want to lug that equipment around too often, but the results are certainly stunning.
–Inspired by Mobile Photography workshops at Macworld/iWorld and the SOHO Gallery for Digital Art...
–...which is good, because SLR was out of commission for over half the year. Received a new 70D for Christmas. On to 2014.

Photography news from 2012:

–Techniques: learned how to do HDR, panoramic stitching, time lapse, and adding textures.
–iPhoneography/Mobile Photography: instead of considering the smartphone camera merely a backup for snapshots, took photography on the iPhone to a higher creative level. Attended a few workshops, read books, downloaded many photo apps.
–Software: Installed plugins and presets for Aperture. Upgraded Aperture to 3.4.
–Social: attended several Meetups and photo walks
–Attended Photoville workshop [Great Portraits in 15 Seconds: A Portrait of New York] ( http://photovillenyc.org/schedule-david-graham.html) and had a portrait in the ensuing exhibition
–Won an Honorable Mention for SmarterTravel's Summer 2012 Photography Contest for "Sea Turtle" @ http://www.smartertravel.com/photo-galleries/editorial/readers-best-summer-vacation-photos-from-2012.html?id=204&photo=26838&max_photos=7

Photography news from 2011:
–Transitioned from iPhoto to Aperture;
–Learned to use more buttons: SLR camera / post-processing software;
–Got my own iPhone;
–Took many more photos than usual thanks to 365 Project;
–Moved to New York City (significant scenery change).

It's been a few years but I'm still basking in the glory of digital photography. Take as many pictures as you want with no concern about cost or ISO, and be able to enhance images later with computer.

–Cellphone: iPhone.
–P&S: Canon PowerShot.
–SLR: Canon 50D with a few lenses: EF 18-200 (most frequently on the camera); EF-S 17-55; and a used macro lens that I tinker with only occasionally. My newest lens is the EF 50mm f/1.4, which is amazing: it is like magic and can practically take pictures in the dark. Update: I still love its light capability, but often find the lens width too narrow. I'm going to try renting a 28mm a/o 35mm with the f/1.4 aperture, see how they seem.