Red umbrellas by boxplayer

Red umbrellas

The woman was carrying two red umbrellas to match her trousers - one was her son's I believe.

As usual felt very reluctant to get out of bed and get into work and we've still got no hot water or heating. Dave made me breakfast as he's off today then I managed to leave eventually. Not to fraught at work for a change until I managed to lose all the work I'd been doing on editing some content - had taken me 45-60mins and I just don't know how I managed to not save it ...

Luckily I lost a meeting in the afternoon, so was able to do it again. Met Lara for lunch in the Tate members' room and she handed over the Christmas present that they'd left behind when we all met for new year and I handed over more stuff they'd left at Anna's.

After I'd finished working (gone 6 again) I wandered downstairs to the gym and had a hot shower and washed my hair. Then left. Had barely walked 100 yards when I remembered that I'd meant to send the edited copy to the customer so she could review it tomorrow when I'm off - cue rushing back to my desk to log in again and send it off.

Finally got home just before 8 and Dave fed me the cauliflower cheese and baked potatoes he'd made - very nice.

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26 January 2016
Pimlico SW1
She is bright and prepared! Sounds like you had a hectic day!
January 26th, 2016  
Wow, those trousers are bright!
January 27th, 2016  
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