Path through the marshes by boxplayer

Path through the marshes

A lovely morning on the marshes, cloud turning to sunny intervals turning to full sunshine. A path winds between elder trees - laden with loads of flowers.

Woke up about 7 and read for a bit, but then we decided to go out and do a short walk somewhere locally. While Dave washed, I checked out the map and decided we could do a nice circular round the marshes without taking the car.

Got our stuff sorted out with a bit of suncream and hats as it was due to be quite hot and I packed the knee brace too in case. Got the bus to Tottenham Hale then walked onto the River Lea towpath and headed south. Was lovely and quiet initially and we could hear lots of birds tweeting - plus there were coots on the water, an Egyptian goose, and a whole group of swans. We looked enviously on the council flats with their back gardens opening onto the waterside.

As we walked, saw more and more cyclists and runners and the odd dog walker. Also lots of rowers practising on the water.

Eventually we arrived at the Riverside Cafe where we've been before - a prime position on the waterside with Springfield Park climbing up behind. Went for what I had before - a mushroom and halloumi brioche burger and salad - very good value at £5.50 and Dave had the veggie breakfast - also excellent with a homemade sausage and homemade baked beans. Sat outside as it was still overcast but not too cool.

Then we walked over the bridge and along the waterside on the other side for a bit - even more birds now: thrushes, a black cap, sparrows. Then we took a detour into the marsh itself on a boardwalk and found the 7 belted Galloway cattle munching away. Great wide views here with the pylons and trains clattering across the marsh.

Was now quite nice and warm so we found a grassy path where we lay down for a while in the sunshine. Then walked some more doubling back towards Coppermill Lane. Loads of elderflower around but we didn't pick any. We came across the big wooden table and benches but it was all littered with fast food detritus and legal high paraphernalia (laughing gas we think). So Dave cleared it all away into a plastic bag and we took it to the bin at the car park.

Walked up Coppermill Lane, stopping at the Coppermill for a fruity cider and port and lemonade and a loo stop. Then up to the International Supermarket via a quick stop in Oxfam, and stocked up on veg and lots of fruit.

Walked home via the old Dominion cinema, soon to be demolished for development we think. Round the sides, you can see the marks where people queueing had rubbed their pennies into the wall.

Once home, I made a big fruit salad, we put up the garden table umbrella, and sat outside with a cordial, reading and listening to music. Then we had a late lunch of asparagus, sweetcorn and slice of bread and butter with a gin and tonic, classy.

Then the day wearing on, I got my clothes and bag ready for tomorrow, then cooked up some couscous and prepared a salad for my packed lunch.

Played some more tunes - From night till morn and Mount Hills - uploaded my pics, then Dave cooked up the rest of the asparagus and sweetcorn with new potatoes and we watched some more episodes of Upstart Crow.

L is for Lea
Old penny marks

5 June 2016
Walthamstow marshes E17
This is so pretty xx
June 8th, 2016  
@psychographer Thanks for the fave!
June 9th, 2016  
Looks wonderful B.
June 9th, 2016  
Pretty capture
June 9th, 2016  
Great capture
June 10th, 2016  
What a lot you cram into your day, I am impressed! Looks beautiful!
June 11th, 2016  
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