Family barbecue by boxplayer

Family barbecue

All gathered round the table having munched through our veggie skewers.

An initially very busy day getting ready for bits of family to come round for a barbecue - my mum, my Irish sister, her partner, M and S.

After a bit of home Pilates, I nipped off to the International Supermarket on the bike and picked up some more fruit and halloumi. We the worked our way through the list of stuff to do: hoovering, cleaning, general tidying, putting washing away, clearing away random stuff from the garden, and finding the extra chairs and plastic glasses.

I marinaded the vegetables and halloumi for the kebabs and made some guacamole before managing to get a chance to sit down before everyone arrived. They arrived just after 4 and we served up cocktails - margaritas and a cosmopolitan for my mum. We thought she wouldn't like the margarita and indeed having tasted a bit of someone's she announced it as was horrible.

I put out some nibbles to keep people going and we got the barbie going. We chatted over vegetable kebabs with rhubarb gin, Cava with peach shnapps and slices of real peach. Dave did most of the manly barbecue duties.

After eating way too many pittas filled with veggie kebabs, the birthday cake my mum had bought for M came out with a few candles we'd unearthed from the kitchen drawer.

Dave and I played a few tunes rather badly and M and my sister sang a few songs as did N. As it got dark, we found the lanterns from the shed and the whisky came out. N mentioned a Hungarian song he'd been trying to track down for 20 years and was rather amazed when I knew exactly what it was - an old number by Ancient Beatbox.

Eventually everyone left to get the 123 and we managed to do a fair bit of tidying up - although I did leave a bit for Dave as he was off tomorrow.

Somehow our kettle had broken - odd that.

Birthday cake

9 July 2017
Walthamstow E17
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