Painted Lady by boxplayer

Painted Lady

A new visitor to the lavender along with all the bumblebees who were in overdrive after yesterday's sodden day.

A quiet day mainly at home. Read the papers and caught up with the latest The Handmaid's Tale episode. Queued on the Postal Museum website for over an hour to buy tickets for a trip on the Mail Train in September.

Walked up to Sainsbury's for a bit of a top-up shop for this evening as my niece E and S are stopping over as they have an early flight tomorrow from Stansted. Grabbed a bit of lunch in the garden - avocado, tomato and mozzarella salad plus leftover crisps then managed to squeeze in a a bit of photo editing and uploading - a huge backlog as ever these days - before E and S arrived.

Sorted us all out with some rhubarb gin and tonics and we sat in the garden catching up. All quite chilled until the bee incident.

We gradually became aware of a high pitched buzzing whine, like a trapped bee. And so it was - when we got up to look, we found a massive bumblebee trapped in the jasmine with a false widow (no less) half its size in the process of wrapping it up for dinner.

Traumatising as it was I couldn't imagine what to do but E (bee saviour #1) insisted S (bee saviour #2) knock it down. So he did - the spider disappeared leaving shellshocked bumble hobbling along on the ground, one of its wings clearly not right. Dave (bee saviour #3) then returned and spent the next 10 minutes patiently trying to hold the bee still while he picked off the remaining spider web.

We all cheered when we saw it fly off into the air. What a nice happy ending - except if you were the spider who's probably going hungry now.

Moved indoors as it got cooler and I rustled up a salmon tray bake with roast potatoes, chard and green beans. And we then had lots of cheese and chocolate. Too much entertaining - not good for my healthy eating regime.

12 July 2017
Walthamstow E17
Great colour contrast.
July 16th, 2017  
Happy ever after for the bee, luckily they were there to save him
July 16th, 2017  
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