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Google's new HQ in Pancras Square, the new development at King' Cross. Here for a usability session, helping them try out a new prototype for one of their apps.

My session with Google was at 5 so to save me having to make up hour at work, I worked from home, logging in at 7.30. Every time I work from home, there seem to be all sort of sagas going on at work - so was dealing with all sorts of emails.

Stopped at 1ish and ate the salad I'd prepared yesterday then carried on till 4. Back felt very stiff after a day sitting on the squishy sofa so tried to stretch it out but was still stiff as I got the tube to King's Cross.

Very disappointed at the lack of beanbags at Google - not one in sight. The user researcher said they'd decided to go for a more adult decor theme when they moved to the new building.

Anyway one good thing is that I've managed to unearth my Fitbit so walked a bit extra on the way back to Warren Street.

Played a bit more of Harlequin Air and I made a chickpea sausage casserole using half of one of our lethal chillies which thank goodness turned out to be not as lethal as expected. All very delicious in fact. And we watched a couple of episodes of the IT Crowd.

King's Cross station

20 July 2017
King's Cross N1C
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