Speak, see, hear no evil by boxplayer

Speak, see, hear no evil

At Beeston Marina.

A big brunch this morning as per usual - halloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, sausages, toast - all seemed to take a very long time to pull together for some reason.

Decided to do the walk I'd done yesterday again as had been quite refreshing. The early rain cleared and it was another wintry sunny day. Sophie and Anna, as well as the boys, came too, but Dave decided to stay at home.

Lara caught up with us at Beeston Marina and we completed the circular - finding out that the purple ribbons tied a lot of gates and doors was in memory of a local boy who'd died coming to the aid of 2 girls who'd got into difficulty in Beeston Weir. He saved them but died - terribly tragic.

Back at Anna's we opened some more bubbly and opened up our Christmas presents. This took hours as Sophie had given us loads of stuff from her late mum's house - very kind. Lots of lovely things.

Dinner was mainly leftovers - cold trout, more root vegetables and salad. Played a DIY version of Telestrations - unbelievably funny - where you think of a word, write it down, then the next person draws a picture of your word - the next person then writes down what they think the picture is and so on. A bit like a pictorial Chinese whispers.

An earlyish night after that.

1 January 2018
Beeston, Nottingham
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