Peter Ackroyd's London by boxplayer

Peter Ackroyd's London

Whew. Finally finished this, having started it in September. Very enjoyable, but not the easiest book to carry around with you, so has been slow-going.

A wonderful book about the multitudinous faces of London across both space and time. He's a bit airy-fairy but always enjoyable and knowledgeable. Now for some fiction finally.

A busy old day - last day before going back to work. Put a wash on, a bread on, had some chat with my sister about her birthday meal and then went off for a big Sainsbury's shop.

Stopped off first at the William Morris Gallery to pick up an extra birthday present for my mum but then found out, very annoyingly, that all the nice present shops and Italian deli in Hoe Street were still closed until next week. And I'd planned on getting something for my sister in one of them.

Will have to rethink now. Did the big shop then home to unpack it and have a bit of mozzarella salad and finish Mr Ackroyd. Spent a good part of the rest of the day finding homes for Christmas presents we've received and recording our new books.

Dave arrived home from his first day back at work - relatively tired - and we had fishfinger sandwiches and cabbage while watching the last 2 episodes of The Detectorists (series 1).

3 January 2018
Walthamstow E17
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