Welcome to the Forest by boxplayer

Welcome to the Forest

A neon welcome sign at One Hoe Street at the second night of Welcome to the Forest, the opening event of Waltham Forest's year as London Borough of Culture.

Slept deeply and a bit fitfully and was still very tired when I had to get up and rush to Pilates. Forgot my bike keys so dazed was I. And got overtaken by an impatient wanker driver on a narrow stretch of Winns Avenue on the way back.

Was very chilly, quite an aching cold. But Dave summoned up mushrooms on toast with crumpets and pannetone - what a legend of a breakfast.

Then as I'd have to be leaving for my volunteering shift at 3.30ish - spent the afternoon relaxing and reading. Wolfed down a mozzarella salad before leaving then had to run for the bus. Ended up being horrendously early after all that.

As I'd been there before, I was stationed at the bus station again for the first half of the evening with Mahmoud and Barbara initially then Lisa and Danielle joined us along with a bloke who'd gone to the loo at the centre and found us all gone when he came out.

Me and Danielle stood by Nandos using our foam fingers to show the hordes coming out of the station the way. Lots of good reactions - got our pic taken and someone said how lovely, it was just like the Olympics. Eventually got relieved for a break, rather later than expected, and walked down a busy Hoe Street to the welfare centre for tea.

Rest of the evening was spent on the corner of Hoe Street initially trying to get rid of the mountain of maps we had then giving out feedback cards, enticing people with my call of 'Chance to win a £100 voucher'.

Signed out at the welfare centre then walked home along the still closed Forest Road.

Je t'aime https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-01-12

12 January 2019
Walthamstow E17
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