Friendly greylags by boxplayer

Friendly greylags

Very cold and drizzly and overcast as I walked to work. In the park, the greylags were hanging around very friendly looking for food - and saw groups of them come flying over the lake.

Some Canada geese around too, not seen many of those recently. And the black and white swan group still around - seems to be just one black adult, 2 white parents, and 4 quite old white cygnets. The gulls were hanging out mainly on the grass. And a few tufted ducks. Just as I left the bridge, spotted a grey heron motionless as they always are on the bank.

And then oddly a lame wood pigeon, don't often see them in poor health, unlike the poor rock doves (feral pigeons).

A day full of meetings and didn't get through my emails till well into the late afternoon. But one was a very productive meeting with someone about improving their page.

First Pilates in a while - with a few newbies obviously and lots of new stuff, quite challenging in fact.

Left late, for an evening of fish and chips and Friends.

17 January 2019
St James's Park SW1
Lovely capture...fav
January 18th, 2019  
the pinks jump right out
January 18th, 2019  
Beautiful pink shoes girls!
January 18th, 2019  
Nice POV, I like how the geese in a line directs your eye to the water and other geese.
January 18th, 2019  
Wow, their feet are so pink!
January 20th, 2019  
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