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Walthamstow Assembly Hall

The lovely art deco assembly hall, part of the town hall complex built in 1941 and designed by Philip Dalton Hepworth.

A non-stop full-on day, the last of my rather active days off. Much milder today. I was up early to try and get to Waitrose before my Pilates session but then the Pilates studio phoned to say the teacher was unwell so the class was cancelled. A blessing really.

So I had a bit more of a relaxed trip to Waitrose so could look around a bit. Got the Gin Mare, but they'd totally run of Warner Edwards rhubarb gin - probably bought up for Valentine's Day presents as is pinkish.

So got something I hadn't heard of - Chase grapefruit and pomelo gin instead, plus a few more nibbles and macaroons for dessert.

A quick cup of tea, a bit of a read, a slice of bread and cheese then it was off to the assembly hall for my stint volunteering at the Walthamstow Jazz Festival - another London Borough of Culture Legends of the Forest outing.

Bit disorganised this one - our activity manager didn't really seem to know what todo with me and my 3 volunteer buddies so we had to self-organise. We didn't really do much on the ticket desk, but stood in the foyer and outside with the queues, directing people to the different stages, the toilets, the cloakroom, and handing out leaflets

I did cover the desk for about 15 minutes and kept on putting on wristbands too tightly until I'd picked up the knack. Got a free vegan hot dog at the Green Grill which I ate outside as security were being very draconianly strict about taking any food in.

The afternoon whizzed by and as my shift was ending, I had a look at the current act on the stage - bloody awful it was - loud random electric guitar with drums. Not really my idea of jazz.

Back home, was initially a bit cross as Dave hadn't got all the gins and garnishes out so I had to do that quickly before the guests arrived.

A lovely evening, with Dave's colleagues F, D with girlfriend B, A and T, and S. Got 3 rounds of gin tasting in - Opihr, kew, Gin Mare and Tanqueray orange proved very popular, the saffron and Silent Pool not so much.

Ate far too much carby fatty food including
F's homemade foccacia, which was oozing olive oil. There were a couple of games of Blackjack and the melodeon and guitar made an appearance.

Dave and F tried to get the Swedish candle going but turned out to be too wet. People left 11ish then it took me an hour and a half to clear up but like to get it over and done with.

Just as I as readying for bed, got a very dodgy tummy indeed. Too much fatty, carby food indeed.

Gin garnishes https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-02-16

16 February 2019
Walthamstow E17
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