Magnolia bush by boxplayer

Magnolia bush

Magnolia bushes all going crazy all over the place.

Needed to be in early but walked through the parks anyway, very quiet on the bird front today. Picked up anniversary chocolates in Leonidas.
Had a bit of a meltdown at work though. Had some user research session booked in for all morning and had block-booked a room weeks ago. The room booking scheme is online and you have to 'start' your booking within 15 minutes on the panels outside each room or else facilities cancel your booking.

My interviews were due to start at 9.30 and it was only at 9.25 when I got an email to say my room (for the whole morning) was cancelled that I realised I'd booked it from 9 not 9.30. Cue a lot of mad jumping around - trying to work out whether to run to the room (miles away) and try and rescue it, or phone facilities (no couldn't do that, was waiting for reception to call with my visitors).

Was more or less sorted in the end, but someone still snuck in and stole half an hour of my blocked time - so the user research session on then had to decamp elsewhere - so bloody irritating.

Had our intern's 6 month review - she's been doing very well - will be hard to lose her. Pilates at lunchtime was very hard, and the rest of the day was very busy with emails etc.

Home for fish and chips and finishing packing.


21 March 2019
St James's Park SW1
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