Moomin wears a fascinator by boxplayer

Moomin wears a fascinator

Moomin and Piggy seem to have taken to stowing away in our luggage - how cheesy. Moomin tries on my wedding fascinator.

Had a relative lie-in on a very sunny but chilly morning. Finished the packing, and ate leftover chips for breakfast. Dave was taking ages but was ready on time in the end - 'I thought you'd said you'd packed?!', I wailed.

Got the bus to Tottenham Hale with our big suitcases. Then had a bit of a meltdown at the station as the mobile Stansted Express tickets I'd deliberately put onto my tablet (as my phone is getting increasingly tetchy) wouldn't work. Had to go into Tottenham Hale tube station to log into their WiFi. A lot of swearing happened.

Train to Stansted Express was very slow but nothing too problematic. Airport was mobbed with a slow queue to drop the bags then an even more mayhemic and slow security queue - 25 mins to get through.

On the other side we picked up water, sushi and salmon teriyaki from Itsu along with some mini chocolate rice cakes which turned out to be rather pleasant.

Still didn't seem to be scared on the flight - I'm enjoying this fear-free flying. Helped by the fact all was smooth with no turbulence other than a bumpy landing where everyone squawked half nervously.

Picked up our luggage before moving into arrivals to wait for A and K who arrived not long after us. We soon realised we weren't in London anymore when the friendly hire car bus driver greeted us and asked us all how we were doing - almost didn't realise he was speaking to us.

A and K picked up the hire car and drove us the 2 hours to Waterford. Had to go on back roads for a bit as the motorway traffic was sticky. Finally we crossed over the bridge into Waterford town. Got a few calls from D and L at this point telling us there were already ensconced in a bar.

But we decided to go to the hotel lodges and get settled in. Had to get a car ferry across the short channel of water to this posh private island, Waterford Island resort, a big old castle type place with a surrounding golf course and self-contained accommodation lodges.

Arrived at our lodge and unpacked. Fab place, very airy and open plan with a cosy gas fire and balconies in each bedroom. Did a quick turnaround, then ordered a taxi to get us into town. Irritatingly had to watch the fare tick upwards as we waited on the wrong side for the ferry.

The Reg turned out to be a lovely pub with nice bar staff and lots of drink and food choices. D and L were already there along with B and his big family group. Had oysters, then a veggie tikka masala. Tried the Gunpowder Gin (OK) and then a Dingle Gin (much better).

Got a taxi back to the island but got him to drop us off at the ferry so we could go over as foot passengers. Walked to the main castle's extremely plush and cosy Fitzgerald's Bar for a couple of Baileys over ice. But was very tired so we left them to it and walked back to the lodge in the cold night.

Oysters in The Reg, Waterford

10 April 2019
Castle Waterford, Ireland
April 18th, 2019  
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