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Wedding guests

All togged up in our black tie finery after the wedding service.

A lovely lie-in in what turned out to be a very comfy bed. A bit warm and stuffy though so opened the window onto the balcony - a lovely sunny morning.

A and K went to Lidl early on and got us in breakfast stuff, then cooked up the most enormous fry-up: bacon, eggs, veggie sausages, hash browns, toast, tomatoes, mushrooms, orange juice and tea. Altogether much better I think than the 25 euro hotel breakfast would have been.

Rested up a bit then got dressed in our finery. A black tie wedding so we'd all sourced posh outfits and fascinators. Although I slightly let the side down by wearing pop sox - can't be doing with tights. Finished off with my new comfy Ecco shoes and the fascinator. Dave did say I looked a bit like an Edwardian schoolmistress ...

A drove us to Dunmore East while L and D waited for a cab that almost didn't come - they only just made it. We joined B and some of the other guests for a drink in the Strand Inn - a beautiful setting by the coast and cliffs. I stuck to water and Dave had a whiskey.

Drove back up the hill to the church, where we were handed dried rose petal confetti for afterwards. In the end there weren't all that many very posh 'black tie' type gowns - mainly just normal wedding frocks. But lots of fascinators - obviously the thing to wear now.

The service was the proper deal - the bride plumping for the traditional wedding marches, and hymns including All Things Bright and Beautiful and Amazing Grace which I found incredibly high to try and sing.

We tried not to chuckle when the groom dropped the ring and said 'I do' instead of 'I will'. Haven't been to all that many posh weddings lately but it did seem to be paparazzi central - two people with massive recording equipment videoing the whole thing and a photographer snapping loudly and right up close to the couple.

Eventually we got a chance to throw our confetti, before the couple disappeared off with the photographer to do cliff edge photos or something while we drove back to the hotel.

Champagne and canapés (some particularly yummy salmon on seedy bread) greeted us here - I tried to stick to two and a half glasses while Dave moved onto the Guinness as did the groom once he'd arrived.

This went on for a couple of hours while they did all the official photos, and we raided the sweeties in bags that had been left out next to the Polaroid cameras.

Things finally moved Into the dining room where all the tables were named after trees - we were on pinus (careful how you pronounce that). Wasn't the usual round table set-up and we were at the end of a long row.

There'd been a slight 'cock-up' in that Dave hadn't managed to get our dietary requirements to them in time, so although there was a fish choice for main, the starter was meat. But the staff were very good and were able to give us the vegetarian risotto instead.

We then had the monkfish with orange sauce and a tasting menu of puddings - and then amazing little petit fours with the coffee and tea. A lot of wine topping up went on as well and Dave snaffled a bit of mine even though he was still on Guinness ...

There were speeches (with a sweepstake for the length of the best man's speech) and I started to fall asleep with all the food and alcohol and general activity.

But we were soon moving into the dance area for the band and disco. The band were The Unusual Suspects, a very high class, professional band with a brass section. The best man went on drums at one point for a couple of numbers. I danced a lot, and even managed to wolf down more sandwiches as well as wedding and Guinness cake when these came out at midnight.

As the night wore on, got more tired and knees started to ached - I had a rather bland cosmopolitan (only drink we had to pay for) Dave had gone to the bar to get a Guinness and somehow ended up with three of them - so I left him to it at 1.30ish. The band had finished but everyone else was still dancing to the DJ.

A and K followed not long after but Dave, D and L were much later, think it was gone 4ish.
The only thing was not much later he had to start running to the loo with a touch of a dodgy tummy ... so not much sleep that night.

Champagne and Guinness

11 April 2019
Dunmore East, Ireland
You scrub up well Ayla...both of you look really good! A wedding in Ireland, what a treat! Ha ha pop know how to be comfy !
April 17th, 2019  
Looks like a very happy occasion - all smiles!
April 17th, 2019  
I have never seen fascinators worn at weddings before, I wonder if the trend will extend down under.
April 20th, 2019  
A lovely group photo!
April 28th, 2019  
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