Lost in Leicester Square by boxplayer

Lost in Leicester Square

Well she looks lost - she probably isn't.

Bit of a mare of a day. Was working today - having swapped my non-working day to Friday.

A lovely start having breakfast in the garden, mildly warm with the sparrows flitting down to the bird feeder next door. Went to look something up on the tablet and intercepted an email from my sister worried about our mum's flat and other stuff. So we spoke for over an hour, and still a few emails knocking about after.

Very busy at work and I didn't get in till gone 10 - one of the announcements was dead complicated with lots of different publications and took ages to unpick what was what. The guy leading gave me some easy peelers to say thanks which was nice.

The only nice part of the day was Liz Mitchell from Boney M (the only one that actually sung on the records) came to talk to us. A very positive pleasant person with a deep religious faith that helped her through her difficult childhood when her parents left her and siblings to go and work in England. And then through the ups and downs of her career.

Then it all went downhill - there'd been some swapping done on the duty rota but the person who'd been swapped to start this Friday hadn't been told - cue mass panic to arrange cover for the weekend.

Got the bus to Covent Garden after to check out the outdoor clothing shops. A lot of change as usual - Cotswold Outdoor was just full of trendy brand names, Fjallsravn and Patagonia - a bit style over substance - but I did manage to find a pair of capris in Rohan - in the sale, although still quite pricey as they are..

10 July 2019
Leicester Square WC2
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