Red sky in the morning by boxplayer

Red sky in the morning

Quite striking this morning - didn't have really bad weather later so not sure what that was all about.

Felt really cold today - my cheap Sainsbury's coat wasn't warm enough at all. Felt quite rough all day - a headache I couldn't shake off, a chesty cough and felt very chilly - had to borrow Emily's shawl.

Ate loads of shit at work right from the start - that never helps: peanut M&Ms, French fancies, parmesan and garlic sticks, Kettle chips. And then Rachel, Jennie, Emily and I went and had Christmas lunch in the canteen: sweet potato and cashew tart with all the trimmings plus loads of gravy - very yummy it was plus a seafood cocktail to start. Got some mulled wine too.

After, Jennie and I headed to choir rehearsal - for a fundraising concert in the evening. Still felt quite rough as the afternoon continued - almost went home but decided to stick it out.

The concert was very nice - a variety of readings and performances, including a spot from Sue Lawley and Diana (Green Goddess) Moran, a very good brass quintet and a song from Noel McCalla. And us singing carols, Bach, Rutter's What Sweeter Music and Will Todd's Amazing Grace.

Got home - still chesty - for a big plate of toast and tea.

Christmas lunch

5 December 2019
Walthamstow E17
Beautiful sunrise
December 9th, 2019  
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