Cecil Sharp House bauble by boxplayer

Cecil Sharp House bauble

The usual prettily decorated Christmas tree at Cecil Sharp House.

Worked from home today, a horrendous day of busyness in fact. Trying to sort out the cookie consent banners - was all going smoothly until I came up with a problem on one of the sites and one of the senior managers in strat comms emailed my boss with what was basically a complaint.

Had a bath later after Dave had got back and had his. Supper of mozzarella burgers in bread as we seem to have run out of pitta bread. Drove to Camden Town for the Christmas knees up with the Committee Band.

Very busy with big groups of youngsters and office parties. Sound was awful and Nick the caller sounded very blarey. Despite all that, it was great fun - the usual repertoire of good dances and great tunes - just didn't want to sit down. NIce folks around - Teressa and co there plus Sian with friends and a very grown-up Owen - as well as L and P.

Glitter and boots https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-12-20

20 December 2019
Camden Town NW1
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