New Year's Eve pea soup by boxplayer

New Year's Eve pea soup

All enjoying Anna's famous pea and garlic New Year's Eve soup.

After a toasty breakfast, Dave and I headed into Beeston for our traditional New Year's Eve mooch - even though there was no fancy dress to find. After looking around the charity shops and bookshops (where Dave bravely decided against adding to our huge library), we returned to Anna's with a modest haul: I had bought a couple of bird books, some of my favourite candles and, best find of all, a couple of Iittala shot glasses - a Finnish design classic.

Back in time for the pea soup, it was then a quick turnaround to get out again. Dave went and got the car and we all drove to Attenborough nature reserve to meet up with Alison and see the starling murmuration.

Stopped in the cafe for a drink and to wait for Alison and the birds. As the cafe was shutting, we wandered out and down along one of the paths to see the birds. A duller day than expected, it was starting to get quite gloomy. It wasn't a massive show, but the small group of birds we saw swirling around in amazing synchronised movements was still very special and magical.

Said goodbye to Alison and Joseph (Louise hadn't come) and drove home for a bit of dinner prep. Once we'd done a bit we got dressed up and got the nibbles and champagne ready in the sitting room.

The wigs came out at this point - we'd decided against fancy dress but had brought wigs along to play around with. Much hilarity ensued as we swapped between the various styles and remembered the various outfits we'd worn them for.

Opened some of our Christmas presents then, before having the main course - guinea fowl for the meat eaters and a huge halibut for us - along with rice, chicory and bean salad and samphire.

More present opening until midnight approached and we ran outside with sparklers and enjoyed the colours and bangs of the Nottingham fireworks.

Inside we had a marvellous orange and pomegranate salad as dessert then opened some more presents. Gave up though about 1.30 and went to bed - tired bunnies.

Happy new year to everyone and especially to the very loyal and caring followers who have continued to comment and fave my pictures regardless of the fact that I just never get anywhere near keeping up with all your posts. May 2020 turn out to be a more positive year than it feels like it's going to be.

Wig party

31 December 2019
Beeston, Nottingham
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