The Essex Serpent by boxplayer

The Essex Serpent

Never quite got into this - probably because I got out of the reading habit somewhat over Christmas and new year with the disruption to routines. Interesting enough story of odd goings on in an out of the way village on the Blackwater estuary. Somehow the characters never gelled with me.

Had got a call yesterday to say the futon was ready to collect, so we bundled mum into the car and set off west. Stopped off at her old flat to water the plants, dropped her off then carried on to the Swiss Cottage Futon Company shop.

Eventually found ourselves at their loading bay and called to let them know we'd arrived to pick up the futon. Seemed to take an age for the guy to unearth the boxes while we shivered out in the blustery cold wind. And then he nearly gave us the wrong box.

Drove back in slightly busy traffic (spotting Dave Hughes oddly on the street). Dave busied himself wrapping up all our remaining Christmas and birthday presents (for my sisters and partners) and I cooked up a big Greek vegetable casserole.

My sister and B arrived around 4ish laden down with huge suitcases and extreme weather jackets as they'd flown in from the states - although they'd been in California for the last few days, they'd spent some time in a very cold Colorado.

Relaxed as they were obviously quite jetlagged - cups of tea and biscuits, then mulled wine. Ate the vegetable casserole while watching Horrible Histories - the Movie: Rotten Romans. Very entertaining.

Iran admitted responsibility for shooting down the Ukrainian plane.

11 January 2020
Walthamstow E17
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