Ashtray by boxplayer


A couple of stubs in this old brick drowning in the rain from Storm Dennis, Ciara's boyfriend apparently.

Off to the flat early as we had a viewing at 9.30. A very nice couple who we liked instantly. Hung around a bit after as the next people weren't due till 1.30. Got a bit fraught with my sister, arguing a bit over stuff. But we calmed down over a croissant and cinnamon bun.

1.30 was an American chap with his 2 rather delightful young daughters. Although we both felt rather nervous about having such young ones in a flat full of stairs and an old rickety external staircase. Shortly after was an Italian woman who wants to let it with 2 friends. Not initially keen on the idea, we did find her very nice.

My sister hung around after to meet her friend Tanya for a chat and I went home. More or less passed out as was so tired after a snack of crumpet and tea. My sister came back having got a lift from Tanya who lives in Loughton.

Dave went out later to get fish and chips - weather still very blustery - and we watched Booksmart - excellent kooky comedy. Then an episode of Twenty Twelve - very funny.

15 February 2020
Walthamstow E17
I hear you are having some terrible weather, I hope it passes soon
February 17th, 2020  
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