Trafalgar Square after the zombie apocalypse by boxplayer

Trafalgar Square after the zombie apocalypse

This town is 'coming like a ghost town.

Non-working day. Quite pleasant if a bit chilly so decided to go with my plan to cycle to work to pick up sundry useful stuff for working at home - wifi mouse and keyboard, and headset.

Bit of a lie-in with toast before getting the bike ready - hoping it would be alright for the 20-mile round trip as the chain has a tendency to come off these days.

On the way in, decided to go easy to remember route: down Forest Road/Ferry Lane to Seven Sisters to pick up the A10. Then cycling towards Stamford Hill (terrible hill here), Stoke Newington and Dalston. All quite busy here with locals doing their essential shopping, though the roads were obviously quieter.

At Shoreditch, turned west towards Old Street, then down towards Bank and the City. Viewed an almost empty Millennium Bridge and St Paul's (but of course not quite as the photographers were out in force ruining the total ghost town feeling). On through Fleet Street - getting noticeably quieter now without a resident population - no workers, no tourists. To Trafalgar Square and Whitehall - lots of police - armed and mounted.

Past Westminster Abbey to work. Went round to the vehicle entrance - never been this way before. Was nice to see Steve one of the regular security guards. Cycled down the ramp and locked my bike up to the first cycle racks I came across. The ones where you have to prop your bicycle up vertically - quite tough to get it up there, my bike being heavy. Too late I realised there were easier ones elsewhere.

Took me nearly 5 mins to try and find my way out though - lots of anonymous doors but I eventually found one that led onto a recognisable staircase.

Found myself by the mail room handily - checked they were still sending out post - they were - so went up onto our floor. No one around at all and no one around in the whole building apart from the odd passing figure - spooky.

Got my stuff and also Ros's headset. Grabbed a few nuts as a very light lunch then put Ros's stuff in a jiffy bag and took it to the mail room.

Cycled back a more leisurely route - the cycle superhighway to Blackfriars - a dedicated path and nicely quiet by the river. Then north towards Farringdon - again on a superhighway past Smithfield, the site of the new Museum of London. Then east towards Hoxton and north again through more residential areas. Quiet and the bird song seemed so loud.

Came out onto Kingsland Road at Stoke Newington Church Street and then cycled up towards Springfield Park and onto the marshes. Nearly home, I texted Dave to put the kettle on. At 10 mins walk from home, the chain finally came off and though I can normally put it back, it was wedged tightly so had to wheel it the rest of the way. Then about half way there it got really wedged and I couldn't wheel it so had to half-wheel, half-carry it.

Dave fixed the chain back on no problem. He then climbed over next door's fence to fix their bird box onto the fence post with his drill. All very handy.

I had a bit of mozzarella salad to satisfy my hunger cravings then we had soup leftovers with lots of garlic and focaccia.

The new monitor arrived fairly late in the evening - wahey.

The Hop Pole

1 April 2020
Trafalgar Square WC2
That has to be one of the most unusual views of Trafalgar Square!
April 5th, 2020  
How nice to see it without the usual crowds.
April 6th, 2020  
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