Beau Stanton mural by boxplayer

Beau Stanton mural

By US street artist Beau Stanton - on my cycle today. Inspired by the Tiffany lamps apparently sold by the shuttered up shop.

Thank god for my non-working day - after yesterday's work bedlam. Restless night - Dave put the light on at one point and read. Tried to see the supermoon, and though I'd seen it earlier as it rose, by the early morning it had clouded over.

Lie-in with fruit for first breakfast then a toasty breakfast outside with the foxes. I decided to go on a cycle ride to the marshes. Ended up going along the Lea for a bit towards Hackney then doubling back along the Lee Navigation, up through the marshes, then onto the wetlands and up to the northern reservoir.

Gorgeous day - warm, sunny and the birdsong was terrific. Forgot my binoculars though which was irritating. Smelled so spring-like - mainly because the cherry blossom and the may blossom is now starting to come out.

Back home did a bit of admin for my mum - checking her Giffgaff account and ordering her a new remote. Then we had a quiche lunch and a hot cross bun outside and I finished The Living Mountain. The 2 foxes both curled up so cutely at the bottom of the garden to doze in teh sun - occasionally opening their eyes to check on us. Saw an interesting black bumblebee with a long proboscis having a go at the borage.

Have prepared some halloumi peppers for supper - but first, will go into the garden to have our neighbourly whisky.

Breakfast in the garden

8 April 2020
Walthamstow E17
You had a night like I had up loads of times to check the moon but could not nod off. Strange & then I woke at 7am....this is very pretty graffiti!
April 8th, 2020  
@boxplayer @happypat I think we've fallen into an atypical rhythm... Some nights I can't fall asleep and sleep until 10:30...Other times I get some sleep and wake at 5! So odd that it doesn't seem to matter! ...I LOVE that you have foxes in your garden! I'd love to see them, but they likely wouldn't pair well with the rest of my garden menagerie!
April 8th, 2020  
Beautiful wall art!
April 9th, 2020  
Superb !
April 9th, 2020  
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