Social distancing on Walthamstow marshes by boxplayer

Social distancing on Walthamstow marshes

When I came back from my cycle ride yesterday morning, Dave said he wished he'd come with me. So this morning, we were both up early to get our daily exercise in. It was another fine morning and busy again and we followed the same route more or less that I did yesterday. Lovely cowslips on the football pitches - lovely the way they keep the edges of this slightly wild. At the same spot as yesterday, we saw the martins again and stopped to watch them for a bit. The swans weren't on their nest but we could see a fine clutch of eggs there.

On the way back, stopped off at the International Supermarket again and picked up mushrooms for my mum and some exotic mushrooms for us. Had them with halloumi and egg and tomatoes outside in the garden again - really scrummy. Read outside for a bit, then drove to mum's to deliver her groceries, Easter card and chocolate bunny.

Played a bit of melodeon for the first time in months - Blackthorn Stick very slowly with Dave. Read outside catching the last rays of the sun and made us a cocktail - a Pomelo. Leftover chickpeas for supper watching an interesting documentary from 1967 - the London Nobody Knows, followed by a rather cheesy 60s musical romcom called Les Bicyclettes de Belsize.

Health workers you are not alone

12 April 2020
Leyton E10
You would never know you were in London!
April 13th, 2020  
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