Ainslie Wood canopy by boxplayer

Ainslie Wood canopy

A pretty little ancientish woodland we discovered up the road in South Chingford. Lovely canopy of tall, twisty trees.

Got up early to cycle here - but got derailed by mouse poo cleaning. Found they'd been running around the worktops again, so decided to give that a clean then discovered a huge hotspot behind the trolley where they'd made a huge mess - so cue massive clean with bleach and decluttering of all the boxes and junk we've stored on the trolley.

Got out eventually for another sunny day. Cycled to the other side of the North Circular past the old greyhound stadium to this small woodland, Ainslie Wood, once part of a larger tract of older woodland. It's full of wild service trees, an indicator of old woodland. A very high canopy of beech and hornbeam trees, and some old silver birch. Quite a lot of wild undergrowth left with paths going through - still a few bluebells and loads of birds singing in the trees.

On the way back, decided to show Dave the new stadium development so we cycled behind that and found some lovely community mini-allotments. At the back, we came across a footpath and decided to follow it north for a bit to see where it went - ended up in some residential streets and followed the signs for a quiet route to Highams Park. When we got there decided to head south back towards Forest Road. Got mildly lost when I went the wrong way down Fulbourne Road and ended up back at the A406.

Eventually got back to Forest Road and left Dave to cycle home while I went to Veg Hut and queued for a bit at Tesco's for mum's provisions. Lunch of leftover baked potatoes and salad in the garden and tea and crumpets.

Popped out at 4 to the front to have some drinks with the neighbours - socially distancing from our front gardens or in the road - Caroline opposite is usually in bed when we're clapping for the carers - so she wanted to join in.

Quite a longish nice chatty session with me and Dave getting through a whole bottle of elderflower wine we've had for 11 years - got from some folk festival or other. Very warm and sunny as we sat out there.

Bit of music practice - Blackthorn Stick and Kesh Jig - then angelhair spaghetti with tuna, tomatoes and olives and more Goodness Gracious Me specials and the Mash Report.

Saturday socially distant drinks

25 April 2020
Chingford E4
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