Wigs on New Year's Eve by boxplayer

Wigs on New Year's Eve

Normally on a New Year's Eve we'd be in Nottingham with Anna, Sophie and the HM's for some fancy dress shenanigans. Obviously not happening this year so we arranged an hour's Zoom complete with wigs instead. Nice to catch up but to be quite honest I wasn't really in the mood.

Felt really badly despondent - a mixture of the months of corona-uncertainty, Brexit finally happening and my usual sense of impending doom as new year approaches. Really couldn't shake it off and there were tears through the day. Last year on 31st December, I wrote: "May 2020 turn out to be a more positive year than it feels like it's going to be." Fat chance.

In good news, my mum though had an appointment for her first coronavirus vaccination - although maybe that made me anxious through the day a bit too. Picked her up - she was a bit nervous too - and drove to Lordship Lane to a big modern health centre.

We'd left plenty of time so once I'd registered the car registration number so we could get our free parking, we had 10 mins or so to wait in the car. Took my mum in after and it was all very well organised. A short wait in the communal waiting area, a quick disappearance into the vaccination area and se was out again - ready to wait the requisite 15 mins to make sure all was OK.

On the way back, as she hadn't been in the mood for eating, we stopped off and got her some fish and chips to take home. Got some for us too and we took them home, snuggled up in my coat to keep warm.

Zoom call and fish and chips and after we watched Shrek and a bit of Naragonia. Dave fell asleep before midnight but having felt sleepy at first I managed to stay awake to hear all the fireworks going off as if a war was on. I popped outside to say happy new year to the few clumps of people who'd also come out.

When I got back Dave was awake and reading so I made us some tea and we didn't get to sleep till 1.30.

A happy new year to you all and especially my loyal commenting followers - you're all stars.

Vaccination centre https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2020-12-31

31 December 2020
Walthamstow E17
Happy New Year to you & Dave....may 2021 be a damn sight better than 2020! Always interesting to hear how other vaccinations went. Harry had no reactions at all but have heard of a couple feeling very tired afterwards!
January 2nd, 2021  
Not the ideal New Years Eve get together but it looked like fun.
January 2nd, 2021  
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