Wet wet wet by boxplayer

Wet wet wet

You needed a big umbrella, although to be honest, it was mainly that all-pervasive mizzly drizzle that just gets at you regardless.

Very restless night as the rain was quite heavy and kept waking me up. Hence was barely functioning when the alarm went off. Early start and a bad morning - I felt so despondent and weepy. Can't remember now what set it off. IT problems kicked off mid-morning which was unhelpful and we lost access to all network functions until well into lunchtime.

I had to go out into the mizzly drizzle to the flat again to meet the gas plumbing man coming to fit the new thermostat. He was on time and finished quickly, so was able to return without making too excessive a dent in the working day.

Even so, didn't work too much longer, just shattered. Dave arrived home with the click and collect shopping so stopped to get that put away. A lazy evening, pizza for supper and just resting up.

In better news, Limpy the fox turned up after not having seen any of them since new year.

Just wondering why they haven't announced today's coronavirus figures. Are they so bad, they can't break it to us?

14 January 2021
Muswell Hill N10
Hope you sleep better tonight. Hard to function on little sleep. My daughter was mortified today as she overslept by two hours this morning! Had to ring up & transfer all her appointments to the afternoon!
You have rain too but I love your rain shots...rain seems not to be as wet in the city somehow...how stupid does that sound!!
January 14th, 2021  
Never easy to function on lack of sleep. It’s miserable at the moment, the weather, the news, the lack of being able to do anything etc etc, but it won’t last for ever.
January 14th, 2021  
Reminds me of a rainy 365 London trip back in the day. Yes where are the numbers. A sinister death rate I fear....
January 14th, 2021  
Nothing worse than a wet day after a bad night. Some nice reflections though and a lovely big purple umbrella, what's not to like!
January 14th, 2021  
I am sure the deaths will be up, but they have published case numbers and they are down. Fingers crossed we are heading in the right direction. I agree with @happypat city rain doesn't seem quite so wet, but it's a bit like the grass is always greener....
January 14th, 2021  
Mundane London view. Love it. Thankyou.
January 14th, 2021  
Blimey I have decided that the 14th is one of those ‘most depressing days of the year’ things but they forgot to tell us because of the general misery. I barely slept on Wednesday night, Nigel was moaning the same (though he was asleep when I wasn’t!) and I was truly miserable all day until Radio 5Live cheered me up by only doing fun or uplifting things on its Drive program. Decided too much news was adding to the problem....
January 15th, 2021  
I love your expression mizzly drizzle, I will use that myself!
January 16th, 2021  
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