An dro  by boxplayer

An dro

Dancing an an dro to Blowzabella during the afternoon bal-gathering. See a clip of the music and dancing

Another workshop morning with the Duo Rivaud Lacouchie playing Limousin repertoire which was excellent. Dave went off to explore bagpipes in 60 minutes. After a huge lunch of lasagne and profiteroles we gave Lara her birthday presents as she'd decided to go home after the afternoon's proceedings with the rest of the HMs.

Last main event of the weekend was the bal-gathering with showcases from the workshops including our Limousin repertoire one. Plus dancing to unplugged Blowzabella and more of the duo. Jon Swayne received a homemade card signed by everyone as it was his birthday.

The traditional cream tea followed with farewells to those not staying an extra night and a lovely session in the evening sunshine. Trooped inside for a buffet supper of quiche and salad and then a last session with all of us packed into the bar including Jon, Jo, and the duo. Bed at midnight, an early night for a change.

Wild comes inside
Dancing the an dro

26 June 2022
Crowcombe, Somerset
Great point of view and timing for expressions!
June 27th, 2022  
nice story telling shot
June 27th, 2022  
Great foot tapping music
June 28th, 2022  
I've loved your music collection, looks like you've had a great time
June 28th, 2022  
I like the POV. It looks like was great fun. I really enjoyed the series of photos, and the music is fabulous!
June 28th, 2022  
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