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Vinoteca on King's Boulevard just round the corner from King's Cross station.

Naomi and I went off to Firecracker for lunch today - they do a nice cheap bento box. Then after work, I travelled up to King's Cross. It's really hard to believe how much the area has changed - as well as this huge Vinoteca round the corner from the station, in the new station piazza, there are coffee shops and there was a farmers' market or some such just packing up as I arrived this evening.

Walked up the King's Boulevard, tried to peek into the Railway Children at the top, then crossed York Way to enter Kings Place where Dave was already very promptly waiting. I grabbed a bagel and a cake then we headed downstairs for a couple of inordinately expensive drinks.

Then into Hall 2 to see the Foghorn String Band - a great old-timey string band from Oregon - they play old-timey, country, Cajun and all sorts, with great expertise and exuberance. Funny to see them at a sit-down gig and the audience were a little too restrained, but still a great show.

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22 May 2015
King's Cross N1C
Railway Children? I love the film even though when we went to see it we arrived and squeezed through in to seats with 15 mins to go and then waited for the next showing until we got to 15 mins before the end and my dad made us leave 'to miss the traffic'. Perfectly justified grumbling from everybody else and I never understood the whole 'Daddy my daddy' bit until I finally managed to watch from start to finish years later...
May 25th, 2015  
@judithg - oh I love it too - real tearjerker.
May 25th, 2015  
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