Imperial fishing waters by boxplayer

Imperial fishing waters

By the waterside at Alexander III's Imperial Fishing Lodge at Langinkoski near Kotka.

Was up early this morning to get a bag ready for a day out although not too hard as we were not going to be staying over as we'd originally thought.

About 5 to 10 I chivvied Dave out of the flat so we could be ready to be picked up, but as it turned out my cousin S and his partner were a touch late and I even had time to run back into the flat to use the loo.

They arrived in a big Peugeot and we drove off, stopping briefly at a petrol station for a wee stop before arriving at Inkeroinen. My aunt who I haven't seen since the last time we came to Finland 12 years ago was very pleased to see us and it was good to see her. Looking frailer obviously, but she seemed fairly well health-wise.

We sat outside for a bit in the warm sunshine and my aunt unearthed some old photos from our summer holidays as children - very entertaining. Then we went inside for lunch - salmon smoked in an electric smoker, smoked salmon and shrimp salad, watermelon and feta salad, pototoes and some very nice smoked cheese that S and S had brought over from Estonia, along with some Sibelius beer.

Afterwards, we had a look round the old Inkeroinen house and grounds - all needing a bit doing to now. Then drove off to visit my grandparents' old home where we used to spend summer holidays. On the way, stopped off at some houses and a school build by Alvar Aalto, for the wood factory workers - never knew until now that these were here. Also stopped off at my grandparents' graves.

Arrived at Myllykoski to look around - a neighbour very kindly mows the grass. Funny to see the old pea fields all overgrown with trees. The outside loo was still there though, do remember that vividly.

On leaving, stopped at the bridge to look at the river we used to play in and then visited Anjala Manor, home to the famous Wrede family, a lovely old yellow wooden place with balconies on all sides to catch the sun and the views of the lake. There was an open air opera going on but a kind security guard let us through anyway once he'd realised we'd travelled all the way from London to see the house!

Then it was back to Inkeroinen for huge amounts of peach swiss roll and Estonian biscuits and mini cupcakes with tea/coffee. Ate far too much of course.

Then S and S packed up car and we drove off. Stopped at the rather spooky Wrede graveyard, then travelled towards Kotka and the Imperial Fishing Lodge used by Alexander III - this was an amazing site perfectly situated by the rushing river. Also passed through the lovely old traditional houses of Loviisa.

Arrived back in Helsinki near 10. Dave initially wanted to go out and eat, but we couldn't find anything we both wanted, so got some smoked salmon in and Karelian pasties from the corner shop and had those with peas and cheese and chocolate at the flat.

Water through the trees
Dave and auntie

22 August 2015
Kotka, Finland
That looks like a peaceful spot! Lovely scene.
August 26th, 2015  
Amusing names there and this is a very pretty scene!
August 26th, 2015  
Gosh this is lovely and a Fav It sounds like you are having a great time and the food sounds like something to die for!
August 27th, 2015  
Love the light and the composition. Fav.
August 27th, 2015  
Lovely scene xx
August 27th, 2015  
Beautiful landscape
August 28th, 2015  
So beautiful!
August 28th, 2015  
It looks very peaceful
August 29th, 2015  
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