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Day start

No that's not the moon, it's this morning's sun - it was all shrouded in mist so you could see its outline so sharply. It was lighter than this really, but I upped the shutter speed so that the sun shape was clear to see. Bit of nice sunshine today, but still cold.

Rubbish day as usual these days at work. Somebody complaining. Then I forgot to send something on the dot of 3 which I'd promised to do for someone who was off today.

Rather excitingly I've booked us into the Gilbert Scott St Pancras Hotel for my big birthday, the night before we take the Eurostar to Paris. It's in the modern wing so won't be as exciting as being in the Victorian suites but prices for those did start at £400 a night so, errr, we thought maybe not. We can use the money saved on breakfast ...

Day end

4 March 2013
Walthamstow E17
Love the misty mornings when you can capture the sun like that!
March 4th, 2013  
You are right this looks like the moon & I like the dark outline of the house & the trail in the sky. Sounds like you are going to have a luxury time !
March 4th, 2013  
A great morning capture
March 4th, 2013  
great capture - enjoy your birthday trip.
March 4th, 2013  
Wow what a lovely shot! I just love the lighting :) And have a super fun time on your birthday trip! And hopefully today is a better day at work! :)
March 5th, 2013  
Quite like the eerie quality you have captured here. I know a couple of people who have stayed at that hotel it is meant to be lovely. And how nice it well be to stumble out of bed straight onto the train (or should that be into the champagne bar?)
March 7th, 2013  
@jantan - good idea! Hadn't thought of the champagne bar - champagne breakfast!
March 7th, 2013  
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