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I am Richard Murillo. I am a Quantity Surveyor by day.Married to my amazing wife Suzanne aka Sue. We also have a new addition to the familly baby Amelia Rose joined us on 28th March 2013. As a result my real life is insanly busy so my commenting will be infrequent at times which I must appologies for. Only recently got into photography so thought a 365 would be a good way to better my skills and gain inspiration from other users.

Gear I have at the moment:

Canon 550d
18 - 55mm IS kit lens
55 - 250mm IS kit lens
35mm USM
50mm Mark I
100mm USM Macro
Hoya Cir Pol Filter
Hoya 3-stop Filter
Hoya 9-stop Filter
Hahnel Triad 40 Tripod


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