Taste test by brennieb

Taste test

made some strawberry jam. 6 jars should keep us going a bit. had to have a taste of course. sorry for lack of commenting. had go dentist have a crown re cemented been loose a while.
Yummy -- it does look delicious Brenda ! Nothing like a home made jam ,is there !!
July 19th, 2018  
I never want to buy an shop bought after my own..but sometimes need to..i always hide a jar!
July 19th, 2018  
Lovely crean tea!
July 19th, 2018  
Oh yum! All the best with the crown, I heartily sympathise!
July 19th, 2018  
Of all the foods you could eat in the world toast & jam is my very favourite & im sure I'm not alone! You can eat it any time if Day & night & whether you are rich or poor, young or old! Well done with the ham making, you do a very good job of using grown produce!
July 19th, 2018  
Looks delicious Brenda. My Strawberry jam never did set properly, so have not made any for years !!
July 19th, 2018  
Oh yummy! My favourite jam but I do like it with a scone and clotted cream 😁.
July 20th, 2018  
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