Title:  “Saturday Special – School is Back in Session – Artistic: Land” by brett101

Title: “Saturday Special – School is Back in Session – Artistic: Land”

There is a 52 week challenge on DIY and someone suggested using that as a guide for the 2017 weekly theme so there it is, easy – Saturdays will now be the ‘Saturday Special’ theme.

Each week, the weekly assignment will be in one of 3 categories; storytelling, technical or artistic impression and the challenge this week is in the artistic impression category and is as follows:

“Your inspiration this week is land. This could be a landscape, or an image inspired by the land in some way.”

I really just needed a break from the entire inauguration and the way that it was being so negatively portrayed on television so I really just took a break from the computer and television by going out the majority of the day. It was a nice break since the January weather was in the mid-fifties so it was a perfect day to be out and about. We made a stop by the New Windsor Cantonment State Historic Site. It was the final encampment of the forces under the command of General George Washington in 1782 near the close of the American Revolutionary War. I thought that this picture was appropriate for the land/landscape topic and it was just nice to be out and about getting away from it all for just a bit.

“Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”
~ John Muir
Hi Brett! I'm your get-pushed challenge partner this time around. I came to visit your page just for that purpose, but this photo really caught my attention - it's gorgeous! I was trying to get a handle on what you normally photograph and I must say you have a great eye and I disagree - you ARE a photographer. "Photographer" means different things to different people, but if you take photos on a regular basis, then you are definitely considered one! You have a good imagination as well. I see you do like getting out in nature, so how about for your challenge you "Take a photo of something from a bird's eye view" Could be inside or outside.
January 23rd, 2017  
Great capture, love the landscape.
January 23rd, 2017  
Very nice. I think those cabins deserve close inspection. They look interesting 😊
January 23rd, 2017  
Great photo - like how the cabins are hidden away.
January 23rd, 2017  
Good image for the next 'semester'. Looking forward to seeing your assignments. Love the the John Muir quote.
January 23rd, 2017  
@not_left_handed - Hi Dawn Louise, sounds like a great challenge - thank you! I appreciate your kind comments a great deal. I am in the process of reviewing your portfolio and I will have something for you by no later than tomorrow.

@joysabin - Thank you!

@365karly1 - They were so nicely tucked away, part of what drew me to the location - thank you!

@paul10 - And they were thoroughly inspected and found to be quite securely lock Paul! LOL Thanks!

@jclaireyp - Thank you very much! even on an overcast day it looked too nice to pass by without stopping.

January 24th, 2017  
Very nice way to pass the day - and you got an awesome shot to boot!
January 24th, 2017  
@farmreporter Thanks Wendy, always appreciated!
January 25th, 2017  
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