“Get Pushed – The Graveyard Book” by brett101

“Get Pushed – The Graveyard Book”

My challenge for the Get Pushed 281 Challenge was issued by Liz; the challenge which she issued for the current Get Pushed 281 was as follows:

“…my challenge to you is to take a picture for the front cover of a favourite book.”

Definitely a challenge that I enjoyed because I do love to read and doing a book cover challenged me to explore some aspects of processing on several levels and use my love of books for a subject. I choose Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book” as a subject and the photo was taken at the site of the burial ground of the French Reformed Church in nearby New Paltz, NY established in 1717. A little editing goes a long way sometimes and it was a very interesting challenge. [16 December 2017]

“If you dare nothing,
then when the day is over,
nothing is all you will have gained.”
~ Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book
Hi Liz @lizhammond here is my response to the challenge which you issued for this week's Get Pushed. Thanks for a great push, I would have never otherwise thought of something like this as an actual photograph. Thanks!
December 17th, 2017  
I really like this, Brett. Great composition!
December 17th, 2017  
Nicely processed
December 17th, 2017  
Great edit.
December 17th, 2017  
your are just so good at all this .
December 17th, 2017  
Terrific interpretation:)
December 17th, 2017  
Fabulous job, like it!
December 17th, 2017  
A great cover for a book and a fun challenge
December 17th, 2017  
@hrb73 - Thank you Hydee, I do appreciate it!

@megpicatilly - It was indeed, thank you Catherine!

@casablanca - Thank you, I appreciate it!

@fbailey - Thanks!

@brennieb - Thanks for your kind words Brennie - I try my best.

@littleconnie - Thanks Connie!

@lyndamcg - Thank you Lynda - always appreciated.

December 18th, 2017  
Hi Brett, what a super response to the challenge. I love your choice of author but I've not read the graveyard book so niw I have sone Christmas reading too. The composition and processing are great and I think you did especially well in handling the composition allowing space for the text to work. Glad you enjoyed the challenge.
December 18th, 2017  
@lizhammond - Thanks Liz, appreciate your insight and I hope that you enjoy the book when you have an opportunity to read it.
December 19th, 2017  
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