“That Feeling You Are Being Watched…”

I am not paranoid but when I sit at my desk I have the very distinct feeling that I am being watched by this decorative red bird which calls a plant in our office home. I peer over my computer screens and there he is, I walk back into my office and he is staring accusingly, I close the door in preparation to leave for the day and there he is, just staring, walk in at the beginning of the – you guessed it – there he is!! [26 December 2017]

“And I know I'm paranoid and neurotic, I've made a career out of it.”
~ Thom Yorke
It is quite lifelike.
posted December 27th, 2017  
I don't think you're being paranoid at all. He IS staring!
posted December 27th, 2017  
@littleconnie @365karly1 - Thanks, just a silly little photo but definitely fun.
posted December 27th, 2017  
Ha ha ha, utterly hysterical! I think he is watching you baffled. "Why is that guy in and of here so much? He should just chill like me 😉"
posted December 27th, 2017  
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