“An Afternoon at the Movies” by brett101

“An Afternoon at the Movies”

Okay, I hope that the powers that be do not suspend my nerd/geek card but I was in all honestly not impressed with the most recent Star Wars release. Don’t get me wrong, the action scenes were solid and enjoyable but a great deal seemed unnecessary. An afternoon out with my wife is always a good thing but I suppose I had higher expectations after how much I enjoyed Rogue One last year. I am neither Siskel nor Ebert and this is just one man’s humble opinion. [8 January 2018]

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My hubby wasn't that thrilled with it either, although my boys loved it. I don't like Star Wars, so....
January 9th, 2018  
That is what I heard - really too bad.
But this is a great shot to mark the occasion.
January 9th, 2018  
I thought there was a lot to admire about the movie, but then a couple of things bothered me with it, too. Overall I enjoyed it. Have to go a long way to beat Empire though I thought Rogue One came close to it :)
January 9th, 2018  
@homeschoolmom - I'm with him sadly, it seemed to be all over the map with what was going on - quite unfortunate.

@farmreporter - Thanks Wendy, I do appreciate it!

@paul10 - I agree Paul, nothing beats Empire but Rogue One was definitely a contender!
January 9th, 2018  
We all enjoyed it, but we did think it could have been a wee bit shorter and the scenes hunting for the codebreaker seemed contrived and predictable. I guess we were awaiting a more dramatic revelation about Rey's family too.........
January 10th, 2018  
@casablanca - Exactly! Too long for nothing and I, too, was anticipating a big reveal about Rey as well and it never showed but despite my disappointment, it did have some great action scenes.
January 10th, 2018  
@brett101 Maybe the next one will be better! I did enjoy the "conversations" between Rey and Kylo Ren though. That was fascinating.
January 11th, 2018  
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