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5 June 2021
6 months in to my first year of 365. Totally hooked and enjoying it. Many thanks to you all who have encouraged me with your comments and favs. It is much appreciated.

1 May 2021
Still going and enjoying it. Once again I am changing the album titles to reflect the pictures I take.

1 March 2021
Still going strong but not getting enough food pictures so will now include anything if I think it's worthy, in the food album. Subsequently changed the name to random pictures.

27 January 2021
Two weeks in and I am enjoying it so much I decided to take out Ace membership so that I can have the extra albums. I enjoy cooking and baking so one of the extra albums will be devoted to food. Because of lockdown we are spending more time at home so the third album will be about Ramsbottom in Lancashire where I live.
Initially I envisaged a collection of photos including the word Ramsbottom but I think this is too limiting so I hope to showcase Ramsbottom and it’s environs.

12 January 2021
I have attempted this twice before but at that time I wasn’t aware of 365 project. This time with the help of 365 project I determined to succeed.