9 come running by bruni

9 come running

i saw these ducks walking one behind the other in my sister's backyard when we visited her in chicago in october of 2009.
bruni, you know how much i love duck photos? this is just so wonderful, the scenery is equally beautiful!!!!!
April 9th, 2010  
love those geese!
April 10th, 2010  
seems many people did animals for their number 9! what a great idea :) I love this! although I hear geese can be some mean creatures? is that true? who cares. Love the shot nevertheless. I'm sure squirrels can be pests too but you dont see me stopping my ongoing Charlie pictures :)
April 10th, 2010  
A perfect representative of the number 9. And what a fantastic photo op, and reminder of your trip to your sister's
But, I'm with the other Barb.
Up here, we call them geese! LOL ;-)
April 11th, 2010  
Oh wait...I was just reading on Luster's page, you ARE from up here!

( I think I knew that, but forgot, eh? Hee )

April 11th, 2010  
I was just teasing you, Bruni!
I found it endearing!
Please don't be embarrassed! :-)
April 11th, 2010  
They are so cute! Also, Bruni you are such a sweetheart! I was just going through my older photos and saw that you had look through them and commented on so many! Thank you so much! I'm flattered! You are too kind! :)
April 11th, 2010  
hi bruni, thanks, i should have known they are geese, haha! but either geese or ducks would not make a difference, the photo itself just makes me happy!
April 11th, 2010  
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