Holland by bruni


Our last outing took us into Holland. Halland is well known for their markets where we enjoyed hours of looking around, tasting all kinds of different food from nuts to cheese, to bread with dips and all sort of things. the flower market was so beauty- and colorful to look at. all the different types of plants and flowers and the prices were so reasonable - for instance - roses were advertised 40 for 6 euros. just unbelievable.
we left early in the morning as Hans our friend thought the market closes on Saturdays at lunch time so we missed the ferry to cross the river Weser by a few minutes and had to wait 20 minutes for the next one. there was hardly any traffic on the roads so he drove about 180 km/hr (NO SPEED LIMITS) to get there. we had breakfast in the car. stopped on the way for some fresh baked buns bought some cheese and we brought a thermo bottle of coffee with us. now that was a great idea. when we got to the market place they were just preparing to open their stalls. so we went to a restaurant for more of the java. all in all it was a great finale of our 13 day stay with Marika and Hans. (yes both our man are called Hans). Sunday morning we took the train back to Remscheid where by now my Hans's sister and brother with family were back from their vacation and we had the pleasure to greet our ralatives after many a year inbetween their visits to us in Canada. today is already Tuesday and we are getting ready to drive 2 hours to one of Hans's other brothers ( he has 4 of them and the one sister).i will keep you posted.
lovely collage. Lots of colours and info!
June 15th, 2010  
Lovely place and great collage.
June 15th, 2010  
Gorgeous photos! I love that you're posting all these collages so we can get a good feel for your adventures!
June 15th, 2010  
ah! so happy for you... I can imagine it is a little tiresome being on the go... thanks for sharing all the wonderful places you are visiting.
June 15th, 2010  
great collage!!
June 15th, 2010  
I am so enjoying making this trip with you. The pictures really make a wonderful travelog.
June 15th, 2010  
wonderful photos! They really capture the essence of Holland
June 15th, 2010  
Lucky you to nip up to Holland on your travels. Love seeing your holiday pictures
June 16th, 2010  
LOVE this collage of the places and things you have seen in Holland. Each individual pic is great.
I love how you can show us many things by using this collage format.
I'm so glad you are having a GREAT visit with your loved ones and a GREAT vacation, as well.
June 18th, 2010  
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