Thought this one might be appropriate to go along with the stilllife footprint I featured the other day...only I'm glad I saw him as a statue and not in real life.
Cool statue!! Nice shot
posted October 3rd, 2010  
That is a very neat statue Bruni!
posted October 3rd, 2010  
Wow wouldn't want to meet this guy in real life !! great shot Bruni
posted October 3rd, 2010  
That would be a little odd to come face to face with that one. Great still life.
posted October 4th, 2010  
Your town `s coordinates 44°14′37″N 79°28′33″W and my home town`s
62°36′N 029°45′E, Fairbanks 64°50′16″N 147°42′59″W :)
You can guess, we have a long dark and cold winter, but you have sometimes even more snow, I suppose.
We will get still beautiful sunny week, the temperature about 10Celsius, but soon it will change.
Thank you for your visit my site and commenting!
posted October 4th, 2010  
and bears !! We have about 350 bears around our town and this autumn they have been hungry because of luck of berries after the hot and dry summer. Bears have been coming to the gardens for eating apples.
But not any other harms :)
I have been walking to my school as a child and somebody saw a big bear walking behind me, I did not see that fellow :) Our bears eat berries not children :)
posted October 4th, 2010  
You can say that again! the only bears I ever saw were in shops when we were in North america & Canada last year. Still, the imagination does wonder,,,what if..Heaven forbid! Nice capture!
posted October 4th, 2010  
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