We woke up to a blizzard by bruni

We woke up to a blizzard

Last Wednesday I had a dentist appointment in a town about 30 Minutes highway driving south of us.

When we saw the weather condition, we decided to leave early and give us lots of time to get there.
As you can see there was no traffic at this particular moment.
I have the feeling people are afraid to drive on a highway in ex-stream bad weather not realizing that the surface of a highway is plowed quite more frequently and therefore much safer than the city streets which are so full of snow and/or slush which makes driving more dangerous with cars sliding all over.

We got there safe and sound and later on the way home, we experienced the same blizzard like weather condition the further north we came.

I took a few pictures from the passenger side and will share them with you later.
Oh my, that does not look like good driving weather.
January 11th, 2019  
Not fun at all!
January 11th, 2019  
The photo really illustrates your story so well!
January 12th, 2019  
No fun driving in this mess!
January 12th, 2019  
WOW I have never travelled in weather like this!
January 12th, 2019  
The weather really looks extreme, Bruni.
January 12th, 2019  
Bad weather. Good shot.
January 12th, 2019  
Glad you got there and back safely.
January 13th, 2019  
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