I saw a whole bunch going down Leslie Street in Newmarket when Grace and I were going to the beach awhile ago. they all turned into a plaza and congregated in front of the drug store where there is ample of parking spaces. of course Grace had to drive in there for me to sneak a picture.
filler from September 7th.
A super shot.
posted September 18th, 2014  
Awesome shot
posted September 18th, 2014  
That is quite a crowd. They must have needed supplies.
posted September 18th, 2014  
Maybe there was a sale on biking goodies.
posted September 18th, 2014  
Great shot of the super market and the candid of the people.
posted September 18th, 2014  
@pyrrhula @mbemis @thresheg @kerristephens @cejaanderson
Thank you so much for your comment. always appreciated.
I think this was a rest stop for there were a lot more cyclist already parked at the side of the drugstore where we also saw some booths and refreshment stands. so I gather these cyclist came from somewhere way up North on their way to Toronto.
posted September 18th, 2014  
Many thanks for you fav.`s on the St John pic.`s dear Bruni . I`m very pleased by and with them.
posted September 19th, 2014  
Nice candid, Bruni. I miss my motorcycle.
posted September 20th, 2014  
Funny shot- the motorcycle club takes a field trip to the drugstore!
posted September 23rd, 2014  
@olivetreeann Ann it was just a stop over. my guess would be they met there because the parking lot in the plaza is huge and the drug store is situated a bit further back with lots of parking. I've no idea as to their final destination .
posted September 23rd, 2014  
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