Activity on the ice

I couldn't get any closer to the fence as there was a huge snowbank in front of the fence, which I didn't dare to climb over. I only had my small P/S Kodak and the zoom doesn't reach too far. my canon P/S got soaked before Christmas and is finished. I took better picture with the canon.

there're ice huts in the bay, cars and trucks. lots of snowmobiles are zooming by, but they're so fast, before I can focus, they're out of reach.
A beautiful view on, and capture of, this great lake and the activities. Reminds me on the winters I`ve been in Scandinavia. . Fav.
posted January 9th, 2017  
good wintry scene, really shows how cold it is up there
posted January 10th, 2017  
My goodness that looks soooooo cold!
posted January 10th, 2017  
It's looks very very cold - at least there is blue sky!
posted January 10th, 2017  
Looks so cold there. I am so glad it does not snow where we live. Hubby says we have a different type of cold here so maybe that is what you are feeling now that you are in CA. Thought I would comment on some of your photos as it has been a while. I have not taken any photos while I have been sick too much. Leaving my flower post up for now as the most recent.
posted January 15th, 2017  
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