Ooooh You are Awful...

...but I Like you...!'
Remember Dick Emery? Well it was the Seventies! Tetley acting the Drama Queen and looking almost scarey!
He gets so frustrated because he just can't keep up with her... either that or Tinker said something!
I love the expression on Tetley's face! yes I remember Dick Emery (showing my age now) and this is a great shot. Taken before the rain? It's been pouring here all afternoon!
posted November 24th, 2012  
Ooh temper temper Tetley!! You are scaring poor little Tinker - and we know its all pretence and that you really like lying around on pink satin.
posted November 24th, 2012  
That big pussycat sure can put on a ferocious face when he wants to.
Run Tinker! Leave him in the dust!
posted November 24th, 2012  
Tetley looks so fierce. When they say "tooth and nail" I guess that's exactly what they mean. Hope they kissed and made up.
posted November 24th, 2012  
fabulous action capture! Tetley you are fierce indeed!
posted November 24th, 2012  
......."but i like it " ......:)
posted November 24th, 2012  
posted November 25th, 2012  
lol.... we cannot see Tinkers face.... she's probably pulling her tongue out at him! :-)
posted November 25th, 2012  
@rosiekind Think we managed 30 mins before the rain came back... @tishpics Yes...true we know!
@pasadenarose Looks scarey but a heart of mush!
@christiehicks Always!
@jenrobcarr umm!
@phil_howcroft ...those were the days when comedy meant more about a bloke in a dress!
@kerristephens thanks :)
@monkeykid She was! Or at least that's her style!
posted November 25th, 2012  
You look really scary, Tetley, but I know it's all a pose!
posted November 26th, 2012  
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