Behind the wheel. by callymazoo

Behind the wheel.

My son was in his element, having been promised a trip round a distant relatives arable farm. At the end of the tour the farmer took him off to drive the tractor. He was very brave - in fact they both were! My son loved it and is telling everyone that he has driven a tractor; so proud of himself. He put on his John Deere shirt for the occasion and also donned his JCB cap as he knew they were also on the farm. A happy lad!
Nothing runs like a grandson would love this
December 22nd, 2016  
I was wondering recently why we don't see red tractors then all of a sudden I saw tons - all Asian. He will be a tractor addict from now on!
December 22nd, 2016  
Nothing like looking the part to give you confidence.
December 22nd, 2016  
@dridsdale he loves J D and has a bedroom makeover planned. Painted and awaiting Christmas presents to compete with JD accessories. Shame most f the best are in the USA as many of the requests are unavailable here.
@maggiemae in our rural are we don't say "look- a tractor!" I have become rarer well informed. Red here is usyally Massey Ferguson. Btw, this is green; wondered if you were just making an observation or are colour blind?
@snaphappi absolutely. He has done difficulties so I was amazed to see him being sbkewven with support, and brace enough to try. Maybe something about them being solid and slow as he avoided go carts for most of his life.
December 22nd, 2016  
That is a great shot and what an achievement for your son
December 23rd, 2016  
Love it! I used to have a bright green Jeep Wrangler, just about the same color as a JD tractor. One day I was filling up at a gas station out in the middle of almost no-where. A guy came up and asked me about the Jeep, whether it was for sale or not as his daughter loved it and he loved the color - turns out he worked for John Deere! I wasn't quite ready to part with my baby but we exchanged phone numbers. About 8 months later he called me up - his daughter, now over 16, had saved enough baby-sitting money to buy the Jeep, if I were ready to sell. I was and he brought his daughter to pick it up. You should have seen the huge smile on her face! I think of them every time I see a John Deere anywhere.
December 31st, 2016  
@fpmtngal what a lovely story. Lucky you were ready, and great perseverance from the girl
January 1st, 2017  
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