Memories of an old friend

I was sorting out my cupboard of doom and came across my old coins many of which I was given by my dearest friend, who passed away.

I also found a card she sent me with the following words.
You're a Friend for all times

Some of the happiest times of my life are times you and I spend together,
For deep in my heard I've considered you special - one of my dearest friends ever...
Time after time, I've enjoyed your nice company, warmed by the closeness we share,
And when there were days I needed encouragement, I knew you'd always be there...
Time and again I've been ever so grateful for having a good friend like you -
A friend for all times, to confide in, to count on, and treasure a whole lifetime through.

How sad, but still a beautiful memory. You'll always have the coins to remind you of your friend. Hugs.
posted May 17th, 2012  
Nice way to remember.
posted May 18th, 2012  
that's a really nice memory. It must have been nice to come across these unexpectedly. The coins make for a great subject.
posted May 18th, 2012  
What a lovely thing to write, I bet it made you cry, it would me. Such a great keepsake, so nice that you could share with us. Its a lovely photo of the old pennies, we forget how they were.
posted May 19th, 2012  
@jennywren I did get upset. Had to share x
posted May 19th, 2012  
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