The Gate House

This bit of history is just round the corner from the yard. Taken 1st thing this morning...
Rye House was one of the first brick buildings in the country. Built in 1443 by Sir Andrew Ogard, a Danish knight, it stands on land inhabited at least since Saxon times and originally called “atter eye” (at the island).

The Rye House Plot
In 1683, it became the centre of a notorious plot to assassinate King Charles II and his brother, the Duke of York (later James II). The plotters were Protestant members of the Whig party, many of whom had republican sympathies from the time of the Commonwealth, who were alarmed at Charles’s support for France and other Catholic monarchies, as well as James’s recent conversion to Catholicism.

One of the plotters, Richard Rumbold, was then the owner of Rye House. The brothers were due to return past the house on their way back from the horse racing at Newmarket, and the plan was to ambush the party at Rye House. Plans were foiled when a major fire at Newmarket forced the King to return early.

The plot was discovered and many suspects were arrested and executed. The Earl of Essex committed suicide in the Tower of London, while the Duke of Monmouth, Charles’s illegitimate son, fled the country. Nevertheless, some historians believe that the plot was actually a fiction, designed to discredit the Whigs, as the fictional Popish Plot of 1681 had been intended to discredit the Tories.
Great old house and history to go with it!!!!
posted November 16th, 2012  
very cool shot! I love the look of the house and how it's lit up!
posted November 16th, 2012  
Nice bit of history!
posted November 17th, 2012  
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