Happy Easter

Beautiful collage of portraits
posted April 8th, 2012  
Bunny footprints!!! Once the Easter Bunny left footprints in my preschool room. One of the kids smelt one of the 'footprints' and said "The bunny must have had a bath!"
posted April 8th, 2012  
Such a lovely fun collage, so cute, lovely memory.
posted April 8th, 2012  
Beautiful collage!
posted April 8th, 2012  
@morrisroos Thanks so much Don :)
@bluebell Thanks Sarah! Hope your little boys had a fun Easter morning (quickly followed by birthday treats for you!)
@dhartley Thanks Debbie! It was a fun, fun morning!
@cmt2812 Haha!! That is fabulous!! These little kiddies hey - can't get much by them! Happy Easter to you x
posted April 8th, 2012  
wahay, great photos, just been doing the exact same. My mum even did a trail for me and my brother!
posted April 8th, 2012  
CUTE! Love how easter hunts are always in jarmies and/or dressing gowns! My motto is if you're dressed, it's clearly too late. Hunts should always be before 8am!
posted April 8th, 2012  
what a fun collage, made me smile :)
posted April 8th, 2012  
@buggirl It just makes it all the bit cuter doesn't it, seeing them with their 'bed hair' and looking all snuggly in their jammies :)
This is the first time we had done the whole Easter Bunny thing - and it was so much fun :D

@rich57 How do you know it was your Mum??

@janmaki Hip, hop, hoppy Easter to you!
posted April 9th, 2012  
Pretty collage!!
posted April 9th, 2012  
What a sweet collage!! It has such a feeling of lovely innocence. I hope you had a beautiful Easter.
posted April 11th, 2012  
Nice Easter collage. She looks like she is having so much fun! And that is the CUTEST pink robe!! Nicely done!
posted April 13th, 2012  
@yogee246 Thanks so much Gita :)
@herussell Thanks Hope we did indeed have a lovely Easter - hope you did too :)
@chauncygirl Thanks Heidi! I know - I love that robe! I wish I could find one the same for myself :)
posted April 17th, 2012  
awwww great collage!! LOVE her house coat! precious!
posted June 1st, 2012  
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